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Your guide to trans identities and gender diversity.

Best Videos About Trans And Gender Diverse Identities

All about gender, toys and prosthetics, and the queer sex ed you never got in school.

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Pack, Play, And Pee With Prosthetic Penises

Don’t waste your money on the wrong willy! Join the Vibrator Whisperer, Sharin’ Peter, and special guest, Mason Luke, a fellow sex toy geek, as we unzip the best body-affirming prosthetic penises including those for packing, playing and peeing.


Approaching Sex With A Trans Person

Join kiwi sex educator Louise Bourchier for conversations about sex, pleasure, health and relationships with a touch of international flavour.


All About Gender

Curious about gender? Not sure of the difference between trans, nonbinary, genderqueer, cisgender, and all the other terms you hear? Want to better support a trans loved one? Join Roan for an hour of candid Q&A.

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Trans Facts: Did You Know?


Gender identity and sexual orientation are different: a trans person could be straight, gay, bi, or any orientation.


Whether or not someone chooses hormones and surgery to affirm their gender has no bearing on their trans identity.


Georgina Beyer of New Zealand was the world’s first openly trans mayor and then member of parliament.


Approximately 0.5% of US adults identify as trans.


Transgender Day Of Visibility, on March 31st, celebrates trans identities and raises awareness of discrimination.


The Matrix was written and directed by trans sisters Lilly and Lana Wachowski.

Trans (noun)


A trans person is someone whose gender identity is different from the sex they were assigned at birth. Some trans people choose to affirm their gender with hormones or surgery and some don’t.

A trans person who identifies as a woman may call herself a trans woman, a trans person who identifies as a man may call himself a trans man. A person who’s gender is nonbinary or genderfluid may also identify as trans. A person who is not trans is cis gender.

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