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Dating apps are in. But what exactly is Tinder and how do you use it? How do you make a Tinder profile that’ll actually get you dates? While there’s no one right way to represent yourself on a dating app, there are certain things you can do to make yourself more appealing. Learning a little bit about how Tinder works and if it’s right for you might be the first step toward finding a hookup, a casual date, or even a long term relationship.

What is Tinder?

Tinder is a dating app where you can swipe through profiles of other daters. Profiles consist of a maximum of nine photos and a short bio. Swiping right, or tapping the heart icon, means you like the person. Swiping left, or tapping the X icon, means it’s a no. If two people swipe right on each other, they will match, and can then message each other through the app to hopefully set up a date to meet IRL!

Is Tinder free?

The basic version of Tinder is free. If you’d like additional features, however, you can pay a monthly subscription for Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold. These upgraded versions come with features such as “Rewind” that lets you go back to profiles you swiped left on, but have changed your mind about.

Is Tinder safe?

Tinder is not inherently safe as you are essentially putting your information out there to meet strangers. That said, most everything in life is not inherently safe. There are ways to use Tinder in a more safe way, however, like vetting people by checking their social media and talking to them for as long as you’re comfortable before meeting IRL. You can also suggest meeting in a public place and letting friends and/or family know your plan and location.

How does Tinder work?

Tinder is a dating app that lets you anonymously swipe right or left on profiles that feature a short bio, listed interests, and up to nine photos. A right swipe (or tapping the heart icon), means you like the person, and a left swipe (or tapping the X icon) means you dislike them. If both parties swipe right on each other, they’ll match and be able to message through the app to potentially set up a date and meet IRL. While Tinder has a reputation for creating connections for hookups, many people have also found friends, relationships, and even spouses through the app.

How does Bumble work?

Bumble is a dating app that works kinda like Tinder since it has a right/left swipe format. Swiping right means you like a person based on their profile, which features pictures and a bio. A left swipe means you’re not into them. If both parties swipe right on each other, the woman has 24 hours to message the man and he has 24 hours to respond, else the match will disappear. Either person can initiate the conversation in a same-sex match. If you have the basic version of Bumble, you can add another 24 hours to one match per day to extend your time.

How to use Tinder
  1. Download the app and create a profile with your photos, bio, preferences, and general location. 
  2. Swipe right, or tap the heart icon, on profiles you like.  
  3. “Super Like” by tapping the star icon on profiles you really, REALLY like. 
  4. Swipe left, or tap the X icon, on profiles you don’t like.  
  5. Wait for “match” notifications to alert you when someone has liked you back. 
  6. View all matches by tapping on the message icon on the top right-hand corner.
  7. Message people you’d like to engage with.
How to make a good Tinder profile

1. Use recent photos that represent you. 

2. Smile, make sure your photos are bright, clear, and show your face and body.

3. Only include one or two group photos. 

4. Include photos  of you doing an interesting activity. This will elicit questions. 

4. Include a short bio that’ll invite people to want to learn more about you. 

5. Be yourself!

How to write a Tinder bio

1. Keep it short. People don’t need your life story, just a tidbit. 

2. Write in a tone that represents you: funny, serious, sarcastic, etc. 

3. Write a fact about yourself that’ll elicit questions. 

4. Include relevant information that might be a make/break for a potential match. 

5. Be yourself!

How to start a conversation on Tinder

When starting a conversation on Tinder, be considerate, catch someone’s attention, but don’t come on too strong. Here are some suggestions: 

  1. Ask about their photos or listed interests. 
  2. Ask a question that elicits a funny response, like “Would you rather be 10 feet tall or 10 inches tall?” 
  3. Give the person a compliment. 
  4. Offer a weird or interesting fact about yourself.

It seems everyone is using dating apps these days, and so it’s great to know your app options, how they work, and if they’re right for you. Since Tinder is among the biggest dating apps, it can be a good place to start. Once you have your profile up, you can strike up a conversation that’ll hopefully lead to something more. Happy swiping!

Louise Bourchier, MPH

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Louise Bourchier is a sex educator and sex researcher with 8 years experience in the field. She teaches about sexual health, sexual pleasure, and communication in relationships through workshops, live-streams, and with written content. Using a sex-positive approach, a dash of humour, and bag full of fun props, Louise’s style of sex education for adults is not what you got in high school! Since 2011 she has taught over a hundred workshops to a wide range of audiences, from university students, to refugees, to medical professionals, to adult store clientele. She has a Masters of Public Health, and is currently a PhD candidate.

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