Foreplay: Tips To Make The Bedroom Zero To Hero

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Foreplay can be an important precursor to penetrative sex, or it can be the main event. There are so many ways to give and receive, and exploring what kind of foreplay you and your partner(s) are into is 80 percent of the fun. Learn what foreplay is, the benefits of foreplay, and some tips to make foreplay work for you.

Foreplay definition / What does foreplay mean

Foreplay can mean different things to different people. For some, the definition of foreplay is any activity leading up to penetrative sex, whether that’s oral sex, using fingers to arouse a partner, giving a sensual massage, using toys, or playing sexy dress up. For some people, there is no distinction between foreplay and sex. Foreplay can be the main event.

What is foreplay / What is considered foreplay

Pretty much anything that gets you in the mood can be considered foreplay. For some, foreplay is a blow job, eating pussy, giving a sensual massage, dirty talking, playing sexy dress up, or all of the above. Getting turned on with foreplay can be an important precursor to penetrative sex as it can you get naturally lubricated. Though extra lube is never a bad idea, too!

What are foreplay tips?

There are lots of foreplay tips to consider if you need ideas. Here are just a few you can try: 

  1. Sensual massage. Try using essential oils, lighting candles, and focusing on caring for your partner’s body. 
  2. Dirty talking. If you’re new to dirty talking, try narrating what’s happening in the moment. “You’re so wet.” or “You’re so hard,” can sometimes be all you need. 
  3. Oral sex and hand play. Spend some time pleasuring your partner with your mouth or hands. 
  4. Role playing. Try dressing up like a sexy character, or act out a sexy scene. 
  5. Toys. Try involving toys to tease your partner and get them in the mood.

Foreplay can be a great way to make sexy time even sexier. Don’t be afraid to experiment if you’re curious about different foreplay methods, but just remember to have fun. You can try role playing, taking turns with oral sex, dirty talking, or givng your partner an erotic massage. Whatever foreplay works best for you, is the best kind.

Louise Bourchier, MPH

Reviewed for Medical Accuracy

Louise Bourchier is a sex educator and sex researcher with 8 years experience in the field. She teaches about sexual health, sexual pleasure, and communication in relationships through workshops, live-streams, and with written content. Using a sex-positive approach, a dash of humour, and bag full of fun props, Louise’s style of sex education for adults is not what you got in high school! Since 2011 she has taught over a hundred workshops to a wide range of audiences, from university students, to refugees, to medical professionals, to adult store clientele. She has a Masters of Public Health, and is currently a PhD candidate.

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