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Meet our Pleasure Professionals has curated a community of Pleasure Professionals that includes gynecologists, dating coaches, sex educators and therapists who cover a wide range of topics including health, consent, gender, sexuality, dating, sex after trauma, sex and disability, and more.

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Founders, Afrosexology

Dalychia and Rafaella are the women to be reckoned with behind the name “Afrosexology”, a sex and pleasure education provider that seeks to help brown and black people lead their most pleasurable lives. At, Afrosexology focuses on helping students unlearn shame while simultaneously reclaiming their bodies and their sexual power.

Alex Wilson

Pleasure Pro

Alex Wilson works professionally as a public health specialist in Baltimore's Johns Hopkins serving the needs of local women. Their work and experience is centered in trauma education, sexuality and gender education, and community outreach. Alex engages in critical discussions about identity, trauma, sex, and sexuality. They believe that if we can understand our attitudes and experiences surrounding sex we can move forward together into a deeper understanding, acceptance and create stronger bonds of community that endure.  

Andrea Barrica Founder / CEO

Andrea Barrica envisions a world in which everyone has autonomy over their own body and pleasure. That’s why she started, where she streams as a Pleasure Professional in addition to being the CEO. Previously, Andrea co-founded YC-backed accounting and tax platform,, where she led sales and operations. She also served as a venture partner and entrepreneur-in-residence at 500 Startups

Christina Cerqueira

Pleasure Pro

Pleasure Pro Christina spent five years as a producer/journalist with Al Jazeera's AJ+. She completed her sex educator certification through San Francisco Sex Information and creates content around sex and pleasure as's Digital Media Director and guest streamer.

Claire AH

Matchmaker & Dating/Sex Coach

Claire AH is a dating/sexuality coach and matchmaker in the Greater Toronto Area. She teaches about and speaks on sex and dating as they relate to disability, health, sexuality and body image. Claire is the host of a monthly sexy storytelling night in Toronto and a dating podcast.

Colby Marie Z


Colby Marie Z is a sex & relationship coach, educator, speaker and blogger based out of Providence, RI. She is a doctoral candidate in human sexuality, an avid (slash obnoxious) football fan, and has been proudly talking about sexual pleasure, confidence, and satisfaction for 10+ years. She is the founder of Sex, Love & All the Feels, where she strives to provide accurate, honest and factual sex and relationship info …with a dash of sass.

Dawn Serra

Host of Sex Gets Real Podcast

Dawn Serra began her work a sex and relationship educator in her early 20's, when she started selling sex toys. Today, Dawn hosts the weekly podcast Sex Gets Real, runs the bi-annual online Explore More Summit, speaks at colleges & universities, teaches online & in-person workshops, and so much more in the realm of pleasure, desire, and connection.

Dr. Priyanka Wali

Primary Care Physician

Stand-up comedian and physician Priyanka combines her dazzling dual skillset to answer all of her students’ medically-related sex questions with humor, compassion and honesty. Check her out on Twitter (@walipriyanka) if you’re in the mood to laugh out loud, and then tune into her courses for more from Priyanka on sexy-specific topics!

Dr. Uchenna Ossai

Pelvic Health Physical Therapist & Sexuality Counselor

Sex-positive pelvic health physical therapist Dr. Uchenna Ossai is available on to talk pelvic floor, bladder and bowel health, sexual dysfunction and chronic pain. As one of three licensed physical therapists in the world with an AASECT certification in sexuality counseling, Dr. UC is uniquely qualified to answer all your pelvic health-related questions.

Dr. Yoni Alkan

Doctor of Human Sexuality

Dr. Yoni, DHS, seeks to do his part to improve our dating landscape as well as to share his knowledge of consent culture and alternative relationships through live streams and beyond. Yoni facilitates individual cuddling sessions as well as cuddle parties in San Francisco. He speaks about human sexuality around the world and has been writing about sex and relationships since 2011.

Eva Sweeney

Disability Rights Advocate

Eva Sweeney is a 35-year-old genderqueer disabled female who works primarily as a sex educator and freelance writer. Her topics include disabilities and sex, gender, and queer culture. She is also the creator of the documentary, Respect: The Joy of Aides. She has been doing Sex and Disability workshops for 15 years and started doing this work because she found a huge lack of good sex positive information for people with disabilities.

Gigi Engle

Sex Educator, Coach, Writer

In her live streams, Gigi can teach you how to find your favorite new sex toy, and how to unlock the secrets of the G-spot, not to mention the c, a and p-spots... Gigi previously served as the sex and dating writer for Group Nine Media and the senior sex and lifestyle writer for Elite Daily. She writes regularly for Marie Claire, Elle Magazine, Teen Vogue and Glamour.

Jess Melendez

Sex Educator

Pleasure Pro Jess teaches, among other topics, LGBTQ sex and pleasure education at Her time at an adult toy store has taught her how to facilitate shame-free conversations about pleasure, and today, working with folks to unlearn shame is Jess's aim in all her education work. She also teaches comprehensive sex education to youth.

Kait Scalisi

Master of Public Health and Sex Educator

Kait Scalisi, MPH, is a certified sex educator and the founder of Passion by Kait, an award-winning sex blog. Through her writing, workshops and counseling, Kait empowers clients to create the sex lives they desire. Kait’s  neuroscience and public health background, as well as her experience as a person with disabilities, provides clients with a unique perspective on what it really takes to keep the spark alive—no matter what life throws at them.

Kate Kenfield

Speaker and Writer

Kate McCombs has traveled the world teaching sex and relationship education as well as empathic communication skills. Kate uses to share her techniques for how to make safer sex sexier, and how to keep a relationship hot—even while your partner(s) is thousands of miles away!

Louise Bourchier

Master of Public Health

New Zealander Louise has taught sex and pleasure education everywhere from universities to adult stores. Louise not only streams live about anatomy, safer sex and LGBTQ sex and pleasure, she is also a core member of's curriculum-writing team. Equipped with a vulva puppet, anatomy diagrams and a sprinkle of humor, Louise puts her students immediately at ease.

Lucia Pavone

Sensuality Instructor

Lucia Pavone is an international speaker, sex educator, and instructor of the art of sensual pleasure. She has spent years researching communication, intentional living and sensuality, and has experienced over 6,000 hours of Deliberate Embodied Orgasm (full-bodied, extended orgasm). On Lucia supports women and couples to connect to their sensuality, love the body they are in and have a sex life worth bragging about.

Luna Matatas

Pleasure Pro

A vibrant pleasure educator and aspiring burlesque performer, Luna embraces the weird, wild and wonderful kaleidoscope of sexuality. Luna seeks to help students of all experience levels deconstruct their inner walls and approach their desires with playfulness, an open mind, and an empathetic spirit. Her workshops on body love, pleasure, and play are refreshingly funny, warm and inviting.

Lydia M. Bowers

Family and Sexuality Coach

With over 15 years of Early Childhood Education experience under her belt, Lydia M. Bowers now focuses on educating families to better understand childhood and adolescent sexual development. Additionally, Lydia's personal experience with pelvic pain has motivated her work with individuals dealing with pain, as well as trauma and/or shame, to reclaim pleasure.

Mia Little

Pleasure Professional

Mia Little is an accomplished performer, educator and YouTube star. An adept and engaging teacher, Mia works with students to relearn their relationship to orgasm, explore sexual identity and heal from trauma. Mia's pronouns are them/them and identifies as genderqueer.

Micki Allen

Sex and Relationship Coach

Certified life coach and sex educator Micki Allen bases her work both in sexual technique and Christian values of love, joy and grace. Micki helps women and genderqueer people enrich their intimate lives and identify needs and boundaries; she also assists clients with healing from religious shame and trauma.

Mona Darling

Sex Coach

Sex Coach Mona Darling works with women and couples who are curious about the feelings that Fifty Shades of Grey may have stirred in them! Mona works with clients, both IRL and via live stream, to uncover, communicate and enjoy their desires.

Q Wilson

Pleasure Pro

Queer, gender-nonconforming and non-monogamous, Q is a certified sex educator and trainer, and social justice activist of 20 years. At, Q streams on a wealth of topics, including building sexual confidence, consent, boundary-setting, pleasure, online dating  and communication.

Reba the Diva

CEO of Sexpert Consultants LLC

Reba is an entertainer, sexuality educator and entrepreneur. She is the CEO and Founder of Sexpert Consultants LLC, a company that offers educational entertainment services with a focus on sexual health. Reba is an ambassador for the American Sexual Health Association (ASHA) and through her work is committed to promoting sexual health awareness among adults of all ages.

Rev. Pleasure

Founder and Owner, Empathic Solutions

Trauma-survivor and healer Latishia James-Portis, aka Reverend Pleasure (MDiv), has devoted her life to trauma-informed education. Located at the intersection of religion, sexuality and Reproductive Justice, Reverend Pleasure journeys with students to heal from traumas inflicted by religion, systems of power and oppression, sexual violence and STI or HIV-stigma, and to renegotiate healthful and creative methods of enjoying sex and relationships.

Roan Coughtry

Master of Social Work

Among their many areas of expertise, Roan Coughtry, MSW, coaches people through gender exploration and transition as well as teaching anti-oppression and sex education. Roan offers these skillsets and more to students, as they advocate for healing on both individual and societal levels.

Sharin' Peter

Community Sexual Health Resource

Pleasure Pro Sharin’ Peter has years of experience offering sex and pleasure education classes, adult product demos, staff training and advice for the beginner and advanced alike. Trained by the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health, Sharin' is a certified Community Sexual Health Resource. She believes pleasure-oriented, intersectional sex education can change the world!


ER Nurse, Drag Queen

SisteRNurseJoy is a Drag Queen Emergency RN, BSN serving doses of joy, laughter, acceptance, and non-judgmental sex education in the Pacific Northwest and on