Community guidelines

We love our global community, and we want to make sure you love it too.

This is considered a living document that we at will regularly update based on the evolution of the community and service.

The only way to keep things awesome is to make sure everyone is awesome to each other.

In addition to our Terms of Use, these Community Guidelines are meant to be general rules of conduct and content that promote a friendly, positive experience for all. Violating these guidelines may lead to suspension, as well as the removal of any associated content.  These guidelines apply to all video content, audio content, messages, metadata, usernames, and any other activity on our services.

Be kind.

We started in order to create a safer space for people, especially women and gender diverse people, to explore and learn about sex and pleasure without shame. In order to maintain an inclusive environment for everyone, we have zero tolerance for abusive behavior, hate speech, and other harassment.

Be generous. is a place where we value emotional labor and making available for more people. When feels empowering, delightful, or healing, we encourage you to support our platform and the Pleasure Professionals by making a payment (or multiple payments!) during the stream. and our Pleasure Professionals split all payments 50/50 after fees and refunds.

Be respectful.

At, if you are harassing others on the site, you will be muted or banned. As an O.schooler, you must respect your own and other people’s privacy. Disclosing someone’s private personal information or private residence on the site may result in suspension.

Be legal.

You are 18 years old or over. Those under the age of 18 may not use And no porn or nudity, please. You will not post, promote, facilitate, encourage, or provide any content or activity that involves pornography or adult services. Also, please credit your sources and respect intellectual property rights.

A word about safer space...

According to our values, strives to be a safer space for all of our O.schoolers. While we recognize that no space can ever be 100% psychologically safe, we will attempt to make it so because we value each of you as individuals and want to make sure that you are treated with dignity and respect.

In addition to being fun, we want to be educational, so derailing chat behavior is also discouraged. Chat behaviors that will get you banned or muted:

  • Spam
  • Unrelated links
  • Repeated blocks of text or images
  • Aggressive self-promotion
  • Asking to become a moderator
  • Excessive use of caps or emojis

Be appropriate.

All of our messaging systems should only be used to spread the love. reserves the right to suspend any account at any time, for any length of time, for any conduct that we deem inappropriate or harmful. You are free to appeal your suspension, but we are not required to provide a reason for our decision. Any attempt to circumvent suspension will also result in suspension and may lead to an indefinite suspension.

Be yourself!

Have fun learning how to own your pleasure! We hope you enjoy!

Contact us

If you feel anyone on the site is in violation of our Community Guidelines or if someone is bothering you on the site and you need help telling them to stop, please contact us immediately at with “Community Guidelines Violation” in the subject of your message.