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Your Guide To Vibrators

What are the best vibrators? Can I get addicted to my vibrator? What vibrators are there for penises? Find out here!

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Masturbating A Prostate

On this stream we dive into prostate play and tools to help you self-stimulate for an incredible orgasm!


Get Hard with Guybrators

Think vibrators are only for pussies? Dude, you’re missing out. Join the Vibrator Whisperer, Sharin’ Peter, and explore the world of Guybrators, aka vibrators for penis-owners and how they can level up your masturbation and partnered play.


Can I Get Addicted To My Vibrator?

Do you have trouble cumming with partners? Worried that you might be addicted to your vibrator? Tune into this stream to learn the pleasure mechanics of arousal, myth-bust masturbation and get a tour of the clitoris!

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Vibrator Facts: Did You Know?


From Charlotte’s rabbit to Samantha’s wand, Sex And The City made openly talking about vibrators cool.


Legend has it, Cleopatra invented the first vibrator 2,000 years ago — and it was a hollow gourd filled with bees.


Early vibrators were either hand-crank operated or powered by steam.


Vibrators come in a wide range of shapes and sizes: from clit toys, to buttplugs, to cockrings, and more.


Apparently the best way to test a vibrator is to hold it to the tip of your nose. Happy shopping!


App controlled vibrators and other technology for remote sex, aka teledildonics, is the new frontier of vibrators

Vibrator (noun)


These popular sex toys offer added stimulation through vibration. Available in numerous sizes, shapes, colors, and materials there’s a vibrator to suit every taste. While there are vibes designed for a wide range of uses, the clitoris is an area particularly responsive to vibration.

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Enhance Sex with Vibrators and Sex toys

Want to introduce vibrators and sex toys in your relationship?

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