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What is squirting during sex? How do you learn to squirt? Is squirting just pee? Find out about squirting and gushing here.

Your Guide To Squirting And G-Spot Play

What are the best techniques if you want to try and squirt? Learn how to find and work the G-spot.

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Mapping Your G-Spot Pleasure

The G-spot is infinitely interesting. Learn everything you need to know from anatomy to the best toys with Gigi Engle. LOL, where the fuck is it? What does a G-spot orgasm feel like? Which toys are best? Is squirting pee or what?


How To Talk To Your Doctor About Sex?

Are you hesitant or anxious about talking to your doctor about your sexual wellness? If so, here's Dr. UC with tips for you!


Fingering 101

Finesse your fingering skills in this live stream! Good finger sex is super hot. Get the facts on vulva anatomy and how to explore the sweet spots with your fingers and guide your partners there. You'll get tips on technique, communication and safety.


All About Erogenous Zones

The G spot is just one of many erotic zones. Learn them all, you won't be sorry.

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Try A Toy! Sex Toys Can Help You Learn To Squirt

Using a firm curved toy against the G-spot is often the way to go if you want to learn to squirt. Check out these toy tips.

Squirting Facts: Did You Know?


Like any skill, you can learn to squirt. Try a curved toy and apply rhythmic pressure to the front wall inside the vagina.


To keep the mattress dry, consider folded towels, blankets such as the Throe from Liberator, and even puppy pads.


Why do we squirt and gush? We really don’t know. Sadly, there’s not many studies behind the physiology.


Everybody’s different: some gush a lot, some squirt a little, some don’t squirt (or not enough to notice).


If you think squirting is just pee, think again. It’s actually got a chemical make up more like prostate fluid.


Some people find that when they squirt, their orgasm feels stronger. But some people don’t feel any difference.

Squirting (noun)


Squirting is when fluid is expelled from the vulva, often at the time of orgasm, although no necessarily. G-spot stimulation tends to be the best technique for squirting, but everyone’s different and other types of stimulation can work too.

The volume of fluid can range from a small amount that is hardly noticeable, to a significant amount that’ll soak the mattress. Squirting fluid is distinct from pee, but the science is still inconclusive on exactly what’s going on when squirting happens.

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Squirting Pleasures

Is it Real? Everything about Squirting and using Sex Toys to get started.

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