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Does the G-spot exist? How do you find the G-spot? What’s the deal with squirting? Find answers to your G-spot questions here.

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What you need to know about finding the G-spot and the best pleasure techniques.

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Mapping Your G-Spot Pleasure

The G-spot is infinitely interesting. Learn everything you need to know from anatomy to the best toys with Gigi Engle. LOL, where the fuck is it? What does a G-spot orgasm feel like? Which toys are best? Is squirting pee or what?


Fingering 101

Finesse your fingering skills in this live stream! Good finger sex is super hot. Get the facts on vulva anatomy and how to explore the sweet spots with your fingers and guide your partners there. You'll get tips on technique, communication and safety.


All About Erogenous Zones

The G spot is just one of many erotic zones. Learn them all, you won't be sorry.

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G-spot Facts: Did You Know?


Why does G-spot stimulation make you feel like you need to pee? Because the G-spot area is right by the bladder!


Cosmetic injections to enlarge the G-spot are a thing, but it’s not clear if they’re safe, or increase G-spot sensation.


Although there’s a lot of hype about the G-spot, it’s not everyone’s thing. Some love it, some don’t — and that’s ok.


If you want to learn to squirt then G-spot stimulation with a firm, curved toy, or fingertips is the way to go.


G-spot anatomy is still debated: Is it a prostate-like structure? The internal part of the clitoris? Both?


The G-spot is named after Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg who documented this anatomical structure in the 1940s.

G-spot (noun)

/ʤi spɑt/

The G-spot is a pleasure zone not fully understood and still subject to some debate. Is it the internal part of the clitoris? Is it a structure similar to the prostate? Is it a combination of both? We still have questions about the anatomy. But we know that some people love the sensation. 

Located 2-3 inches inside the vagina, this sexually sensitive area is found by pressing forward (towards the belly button) with finger tips or a curved sex toy. The G-spot can take practice and warming up to enjoy, so take your time. 

The G-spot gets its name from medical researcher Dr. Ernst Gräfenburg who studied sexual anatomy in the 1940s and 50s.

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What's a G-Spot - How To Find The G-Spot

Looking for the g-spot? Where is the g-spot? How to squirt or have a g-spot orgasm

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