Sex Toys For Disabled People

Sex and pleasure should be accessible to everyone, regardless of ability. For those who are differently-abled, sometimes it’s all about finding the right sex toy

In this stream, seasoned sex educator Eva Sweeney discusses three sex toys sent to her by Sweet Vibrations. Since Sweeney is nonverbal, her assistant Cameron helps her communicate and review the toys. 

1. Girl’s Best Friend ($49.99)

This is a clitoral stimulator with easy-to-use buttons. Though it’s not very light, Sweeney describes it as still being manageable. There are different speed patterns and settings, with one button controlling suction and the other controlling vibrations. Find Girl’s Best Friend here

2. The Pixie ($39.99)

This is a small, but powerful, vibrator with two thumbs for extra stimulation. The whole toy vibrates and you can slide it into your underwear if you have minimal hand coordination. Find the Pixie here

3. The Perfect Match ($34.99)

This is a G spot stimulator with a clitoral stimulator attached. It’s flexible, with buttons that are easy to press. The length makes this toy easier to grip. Find The Perfect Match here

Overall, Sweeney recommends all three of these silicon, rechargeable sex toys as they are reasonably priced and relatively easy to use for people of all abilities. 

Cameron and Sweeney discuss other toys and what materials might work better for those who are differently-abled. For example, Cameron says while she enjoys a toy called Zumio, she wouldn’t recommend it for people with disabilities as it is too fragile. Sweeney says since she is spastic, she stays away from glass toys as they are more breakable. 

Finding the right toys and materials might take a little trial and error, which is why Sweeney recommends starting with cheap toys, though this doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality.

Video transcript

Hello, everybody. Welcome to the weekly Crip Sex Q&A with your host, pleasure professional Eva Sweeney. For those of you who are new and unfamiliar, Eva is, she works in the field of sex and disability. She's been doing this for over 15 years, doing workshops and classes all over the country, talking about sex, disability, dating, and all that fantastic stuff. Eva is nonverbal and uses a laser pointer on top of that hat right there to point at a letter board that I am looking at and I am Eva's assistant, Cameron. I read whatever Eva says on the board and our great moderator today is Maya and has a video for the letter board if you're interested in checking out what that looks like and I will be just reading whatever Eva tells me on her board, and I also have, Eva wrote up this awesome thing to get us started today, but this is your hour, so anybody that has questions or wants to discuss something, please feel free to come, say hi. Think of your questions now, take some time, but if you have them, feel free to type them out at any time, but we're here to just discuss and talk and anybody else that wants to contribute to any particular conversation, please feel free to do so. So this is a very open hour, and it's all for you guys. But today's a very great class. So let's see. We have a show-and-tell today. The awesome sex toy company Sweet Vibrations sent me three awesome toys to talk about. First we havethis sex, wow, this, man. This sex toy is called Girl's Best Friend. It is $49.99. Which is, this is a clitoral stimulator, yeah. This is so cool. This is a clitoral stimulator. It isn't actually, it isn't the lightest, but it is manageable. The buttons are easy to use. One control, oh, I get it. I was holding it wrong. I'm like, I just walked in here and didn't know we were doing this today, so I'm kind of learning along with you guys. Eva's already seen this shit and wrote all this stuff. T-U-R, turn it on. Oh, God. Okay, so there's buttons right here. One looks like a wave, like probably patterns. All right, let's see. How do I turn it on? Oh, okay, so I hold down the second button. And, okay, this is fucking weird, to be honest. But I love it. It's a clitoral stimulator. So I was thinking it was like this. But it's like, right, you put this, there's like kin of an indenture here, like you see just like kind of the tip of my finger goes in there, and there's these weird little... It looks kind of like an alien, to be honest. But it does look really fun in terms of clitoral stimulation. So it is a very light, it isn't the lightest. It's not, you know, like super heavy, but it isn't the lightest, but it is manageable. And the buttons are super easy to use. They're just like right on the surface there on the back. Yeah. I should turn this off. Now it's going faster. Okay, so, yeah, there's a lot of different options here. Lotta patterns, different speeds. Okay, now it's off. There are many different settings for both. Okay, wait, one controls suction. There's two buttons. So one controls suction, and the other controls vibrations and there are many different settings for both. I would say, if you have decent hand control and like clitoral stimulation, you should definitely buy this product. This might be F-U, fun for N-E-I-P-P, for nipples as well. I could definitely see this being really fun for nipples, yes. M'kay, so. So that was Girl's Best Friend. It's $49.99, and you can find that at Sweet Vibrations. All right, next. And if you guys have questions about any of these toys, or you want us to bring 'em back, or questions about something else, please drop them in the chat room at any time, and we'll definitely get to them. Yes, all right, this little guy, these are very alien-looking-like creatures. This next toy is called The Pixie. It is $39.99 and I think it's so cute. Look at it. Anyway, this is a small but powerful vibrator. It fits in your hand like a little baby and it has two thumbs for extra stimulation. But the whole thing vibrates, wow, somehow. The whole thing vibrates. You can also just put it in your underwear if you have minimal hand coordination. I'm really excited about this one. How does this turn on? Oh, okay, so there's a very subtle power button right here that you just click. I don't think it has batteries. It doesn't have batteries, so. But you get the point, the whole thing vibrates, so it's not too hard to imagine. So that can be great, you can just slide it into your underwear. It does, oh, it does vibrate? Wait it, oh, do I have to hold it? Oh yeah, so these are all rechargeable. They don't need batteries. They come with cords. Oh, there's a light, now. So interesting. Well, this works somehow. And the light's gone. But it vibrates. So you can imagine, you know, for the most part, this thing vibrating. It's more about the shape than anything. All right, next, the last toy. This is called The Perfect Match, and it's $34.99. This is a G-spot stimulator with a, okay, so this is for the G-spot and this is the clitoral stimulator attached. It's really nice and really flexible, which I like. The buttons are super easy to press. There's just this power button right here. Okay, there it goes, and then it turns on. I don't know where the microphone is around here. Probably hear that on the table. But yeah, so that's really great. I would definitely recommend, okay wait, sorry. It's a nice length, so you can get a good grip on it. Yes, all these toys are made from silicone, and are such a good price for rechargeable toys. Like I have always said, if you are new to toys, get the less-expensive ones first. I would definitely recommend all of these toys from Sweet Vibrations. So that's pretty much it for the demos. Because they are R-E-A-T, relatively, C-H, because they're relatively cheap, but good, good-quality. So these are definitely a great place to start if you're in the market for a toy or want to start experimenting with different kinds of toys and find what works for you, and I think M-A, Maya has, L-, has links to all of the toys that we talked about here today, so if you're interested in buying any of these toys, check it out, keep an eye out for Maya droppin' the links. Also, on Friday, I will be talking more about T-O, I will be talking more about toys in my S-E, Sex and Disability 101 class. I will also talk about D-A, dating, talking to your partner, and A-S-S-E, assisted masturbation. So we'll be covering all of those topics this Friday, so two days from now, August 3rd. We will be talking about, covering all of those topics at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. Very cute, love it. Awesome, thanks for the links, Maya. So if you're interested in any of the toys that you saw demoed earlier, you can follow those links and purchase one for yourself, and if you have any more questions about any of those toys, we have 'em here ready to discuss. And thank you again, Sweet Vibrations for sending us those awesome toys to demonstrate. We are gonna have lots of fun. I'm sure this won't be the last time you see them. So, does anyone have any questions or thoughts today? Anything they want to talk about as to what brought them here today in terms, I mean, this is, I always like to say this is a very open discussion forum for anybody to put in their thoughts, ideas. If they want to ask about something personal to their experience, or to somebody else's, or just the society at large. And whether you're a person with or without a disability, whether you have a disability or you're interested in dating someone with a disability, or the parent of a child with a disability, whatever brings you, or you know, you work in some kind of business and want to get more perspective and be more knowledgeable, or you just want to know, you know, you just have questions. Because people don't talk about sex and disability a lot. So you know, everybody has questions, usually. In C-O-L, in college, I did a S-U-M summer internship with B-A-B, Babeland, which is a sex toy shop, where I M-A, made signs all over the store recommending different toys for different people. For example, I O-B, obviously had to feel the, I had to feel everything, and my aid was like, "Cool, this is cool," but she was also like I cannot believe this is my job, helping somebody physically touch every vibrator in an entire sex store. Yeah, it's pretty surreal, to be honest. Yeah, I mean that's kind of my job in a little bit, just helping you demonstrate sex toys now, but doing every sex toy in the entire store so you can get a fuckin' feel for it, is like a totally 'nother story. That's so funny. Putting my F-I-N-G-E, fingers in F-L-E, flesh-like You just really went everywhere, then, didn't you? Oh, my God,, that's so funny. Well you gotta do it to get a idea for like what you can do with that. Oh, man. Exactly. I also did a T-R-A-I, training for, I also did a training for the entire staff of Babeland, well, at that location, about how to, you know, be more accommodating to people with disabilities when they come into your shop. And just how to be, create a better environment and be more helpful for those customers. And G-E, generally, how to talk, how to talk to P, people with disabilities, just how to talk to them. Yeah, that's really cool. My C-O-L, college P-A-I, paid me. Your college paid you to do that? For the training? S-U-M-M, summer internship? That's so sick, oh my gosh That's really sweet. Don't usually hear about that a lot, in terms of an internships in college, and then getting paid to intern at a sex shop. Of all things. Exactly. So that was super cool. Yeah, that's so fun. Are we having T-E, technical difficulties? If the stream or anything is weird, please let us know. I think we're all right. Cool. So, yeah. I still love this thing. You know, oh my God, I heard about this totally new sex toy that I've just never seen anything like. I actually bought it, to be perfectly honest, and it's amazing. But it was so worth it. It's this thing called Zumio. And I was at a sex shop, and it was like at the counter, and there was like all special and in a case and it was like "by women, for women" kind of thing, and basically what, no technical difficulties, fantastic. And basically what this toy is, is it's got like a concentrated little bead of a head, and then like a long wand, and the whole thing vibrates to like intense speeds. And then it's got like a handle and stuff where you can mess with it. And it just like, I like it 'cause it gets into all the nooks and crannies. Yeah, and it's like really amazing new product. So just really interesting. There is a T-O, there is a toy, C-A, called the E-V, Eva. Wait, that's right, I feel like I was with you when this happened, but I can't remember what it was. It is to be N-E-S-S, nestled in your L-A-B-I, labia, I almost said lab coat, D-U, during sex. Oh, that's right, so they like, and it's like, it's like a weird thing. Isn't specifically for like Penis-Vagina sex, or whatever? Yeah, like where it basically provides clitoral stimulation and I don't know how it gets held there, like by an act of God and hold it between the labia on your clitoris, and it stays there while you're fucking, amazingly. I would B-U-Y, I would buy it, but I think it would not work for me, specifically. Yeah, totally. Yeah, I was thinking about telling you about the Zumio thing earlier, but the thing about it is, I feel like your wand's better for you because it's, this thing will break, is the other thing, like, it's like a freaking toothpick of vibrators, basically. So it's not really something I'd necessarily recommend to people with disabilities, because out of all the toys I've seen, it's the one I'm most scared of breaking. Even though it's pretty sturdy and cool, but it's definitely not for everyone. Like I know G-L-, glass toys are cool, but I would N-E, never, I would never use one, I can't because S-P, spasticity. And like, it's already terrifying enough, the concept of using a glass toy, 'cause like, if it breaks, but then like, when your body tightens without your control, I could totally imagine that fear going way up. Yeah. Oh, shit. So, yeah, but they look cool. Yeah, to me, like, glass toys are something I'd put on display, but I don't think I'd ever use, like actually. Yeah, like I just couldn't do it. But yeah, oh my gosh. So many options out there. But yeah, the concept of glass is just terrifying enough alone. Yeah, definitely. Any questions or thoughts from anyone who may be in here? Talk about your favorite toys, what does and doesn't work for you, weird toy experiences? I O-N, once bought a $120 toy that did not work so that really, that sucks. What kind of toy was it? V-I, vibrator. Like a phallic vibrator? Yeah, I even F-E, felt it in the store, and I was like yes, this will be all right. But, I mean, sometimes you can't always, it's not like you can practice in the store or anything. Sometimes you never know how exactly it's gonna go down. I W-I-S, wish you could practice. Yeah, unfortunately, not really up to health codes for those situations. It would be nice, though, if there was some way to sample sex toys without buying it, like you're sampling ice cream or something, yeah. I mean I guess having this sex toy thing, or education is a great way to find out a little bit. When you make it your job to know, you know. So awesome. That's also why I say go C-H-E-A, go cheap first. I mean, don't try to totally sacrifice quality, 'cause you don't want certain materials, like especially if you're allergic to certain materials. J-, jelly gets really dirty, so like, jelly is just not that fun to deal with. And if you have it, use a condom, so then help keep it clean, 'cause man, you're gonna need it. Yes. But S-I-L, silicone is good. Silicone works, so try to get silicone whenever possible. You can do glass, but that's your call. Totally your call. I don't know how often it really happens that a glass dildo actually breaks, but I mean, obviously with spasticity, I wouldn't wanna touch it. Like, I don't wanna test it now, I don't wanna test it then, you know, like... Are these W-A-T-E-R, water P-R, waterproof? Are these waterproof? You know, I wonder. That's a good question. They look like they're waterproof, I mean because it has, usually when it has like this chargeable thing, where you can't, like, where the fuck is it? I think that's where you charge it. So it's got these weird like little chargeable cords that like go through the rubber. That makes me think it's waterproof, 'cause there's no point of access. But, so curious. Let's see what this fantastic lil thing, meet your new best friend, removable washable silicone, vibrating end. God, this is so interesting. I wonder if, what would make it really interesting is if those little squiggly moved around. I mean, they do when you vibrate it, but I guess that's all. That's enough, probably. This is such an interesting thing. It's just, I just can't even get over how amazingly weird this looks, but it's cool. It's so cool. But yeah, it looks like this is waterproof. Oh yeah, this is the one I can never figure, okay yeah, it's off. Sucking vibrate. I love that it sucks. Like, that's cool. It's pretty interesting. Wait, it's water-resistant, just don't take it scuba diving, okay? That's what it says. So not W-A, not waterproof. So, you know, probably better to just leave it out, I usually, even when things say waterproof and water-resistant, I usually try to keep it out of the bathtub anyways, just in case. So, I mean, you don't wanna drown the thing. You could potentially use it in the bathtub, but I just think in general, it's better to just avoid toys in the bathtub. I don't know if there's science behind that, but it just feels right. Yeah, I mean, just wanna take care of your toys, you know. Wash them every time you use them, try toyeah, use condoms and stuff. Those are all good ways of keeping your toys clean. I love that they're all pink, they're so cute. I mean, this looks like an alien beetle, it's great. I don't, oh, you don't like pink? Oh, pink was always my favorite color when I was a kid, though I had a very long period where it was like, you know, like I rejected my femininity and rejected pink and was like, I'm a tomboy, for at least like 12 years or something. But when I was five, I had pink hair. It was like my favorite color. Cool. But yeah, it's not for everyone. I W-I, I wish these were more G-E gender-neutral. Oh, yeah, I get that. Yeah, like a cool blue or something. Or gray, or I don't know, black. Yeah, black's great. I like black. Or P-, purple. Oh yeah, purple's good combo, yeah. 'Kay, so we're halfway through, probably gonna end, I think we're gonna have to end a little early today. I'm not sure exactly what time, but we will be ending a little early because's having a meeting. For anybody that's here. Yeah Which is, one person's paralytic, but that's okay. Oh, and this is also our last one for a little while, right? It's not? Oh, okay. Yes. Maybe. Well, hiatus, possibly? Possibly a slight hiatus on the weekly Q&A. We'll find out more soon. Yeah. What's happening on the computer? Okay, we can handle this. Spotify? Okay, wait, Spotify, there we go. You guys are the best. Thank you, Maya. Are you going to the Zoom meeting afterwards? I also have a M-E-E, meeting, T-O, tomorrow with the N-E, new P-E-R, the new person, so that, oh, with the new part-time? Oh, or someone else, no. A new person at Oh, so that's good. So it's like a, who is it? They do the P-R-O-G-R-A program, oh the programming, oh, you have a meeting with that person. Okay, gotcha. Good question, I'm not sure of the answer to that. I may or may not be there. Oh, with Christina. Yes, that person. That's exciting. Christina is the bomb. Yeah, totally. I am really excited to talk to her, to H-E-A, hear her I-D, hear her ideas for me. Yeah, that is super exciting. Yeah, totally. Yeah, it's exciting to see what gonna come about, yeah. It'll be interesting, that's for sure. I also think she might be at this, oh, at this meeting? Okay, that'll be cool. Too? All right. Can all get acquainted. So, very nice. Awesome. That's great, have a good meeting. Awesome, thanks Maya. Yeah, totally. So... you all should come to my class on Friday Oh, it's so Whoever wants to come. We have about eight minutes. Okay, we've got eight minutes left of today. Of this class today. You know, any thoughts, questions, feelings, general things that anybody wants to share, we're here for you. D-E-F, definitely C-H-E, check out Sweet Vibrations, for anybody that was here to see all these nifty sex toys. I'm just gonna bring 'em back in one more time. If anybody's interested, uh, lost their names... Perfect Match, The Pixie, andThe Girl's Best Friend. All available at Sweet Vibrations. Anybody interested, and I'm sure we will have those toys back another time for some other demoing, yes. And more toys to demo in the future, as well, so that'll be cool. They are sending, they're sending more? So wild. Two more? Oh my God, that's so amazing, though, that they're even doing that. So yeah, got the hood up over here for the toy demos. Also, yes. Oh, and anybody that is interested, Eva also does private one-on-one consulting for businesses and individuals. If you're interested in having a private consultation, you can check it out on Eva's website. And if anybody's interested in having completely anonymous questions, even though this is a very safe space and anybody is free to talk, if you still just don't want a username, you can also submit questions to Eva's Q&A forum, also on her website. Yes.

Sex Toys For Disabled People

Aug 1, 2018
1:00 pm
Wednesday, August 1, 2018
1:00 pm

Eva can answer anything related to sex & disability! In this video, she answers how to pick sex toys that will work with your disability, and how to negotiate with your PCA when you want to get down.