our policies

We strive to create a work culture in which people can feel safe and supported enough to bring their authentic selves to work. This is why we designed a system of accountability in which actions are taken to preserve the values of our internal team.



  • Our business hours are flexible/open. We value self-care. Please take health time when you need it, including appointments during the day.
  • As a startup, there are certain financial barriers before we reach a certain size against providing comprehensive benefits.  We plan to provide benefits that live up to our values, including healthcare that covers the needs of trans individuals and parental leave of 8-12 weeks. Since we are small right now, we do not currently offer health benefits, a fixed vacation policy, or parental leave. Benefits such as vacation, parental leave, etc. are consent-based benefits. Talk to your manager about what time you need. She will accept/adjust/give her consent as long as it’s reasonable.
  • One ‘mental health’ day per month for employees - no explanation needed.
  • Please do not come to work if you are sick. Seriously!
  • Contractors and interns do not currently have vacation, health care, and parental leave benefits.


  • As a startup, we might not have the ability to provide all the accommodations that a large company can offer, but we will do everything we can to accommodate you! Let us know if…
    • You want single-occupancy or all-gender bathrooms where we work
    • You need a breastfeeding or chest-feeding room
    • You need accommodations for chronic illness
    • You need an ADA-accessible workspace


How we communicate:

  • O.school Slack - internal communication with O.school team members
    • Daily check in on Slack as a team
    • Weekly 1:1 check in with manager
    • Monthly “Moon” check-ins with manager
  • Email - mostly external communication
  • Asana - dashboard for project tracking and management
  • Jira - ticketing system for Product, Design and Eng

How you get paid:

  • We will send you a link to our payroll provider. Please fill out your information ASAP!


  • At O.school, our goal is to create culture in which people can feel safe, joyous, and able to express themselves authentically at work. This is why we designed a system of accountability in which actions are taken to preserve the values of our team. We encourage anyone who has encountered or witnessed what they feel is a microaggression to email [redacted]@o.school. Someone on our leadership team will be monitoring this account.
    • We encourage you to email so we can maintain a working environment that embodies our values; you don’t email [redacted]@o.school to get someone fired.
    • This applies to all employees including contractors and interns.
  • If microaggressions or more serious offenses are committed against you, you are encouraged to document all instances in detail for yourself whether or not you report through the official office system (although we encourage you to do that too).
  • Andrea’s role as the founder is to preserve the organism of O.school rather than to protect or benefit herself or any individual in the team including the leadership.
  • While we strive to follow the spirit of our own guidelines that assume people can improve, California is an at-will employment state and we reserve the right to terminate employment whenever we feel is necessary.


3-step process to deal with microaggressions/lower-level offenses:

  • If you feel comfortable…
    • 1) Approach the person, and talk with them about it.
      • Advice on how to bring up a microaggression:
        • State how you feel using “I” statements.
        • State the action or series of actions that made you feel uncomfortable.
        • Ask for a change in behavior.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable or you don’t get a good resolution on your own…
    • 2) Involve a peer (to advise you, or to talk to them about it).
  • If you don’t feel comfortable asking a peer or don’t get a good resolution with a peer…
    • 3) Involve HR or a manager/founder (to advise you, to talk to them about it, or to take other action from a supervisory level).
  • Email [redacted]@o.school for support on how to engage.

If you have a one-on-one with the person who committed a microaggression or lower-level offense against you and you feel heard, understood, and have gotten a commitment for a change in behavior that you feel satisfied with...that’s it.  

If you go directly to step 2 or 3, or you do step 1 and are not satisfied with the resolution, email [redacted]@o.school to log the incident as you proceed. Include name, place it occurred, date and time, and as many details as possible. Someone on our leadership team will be reading the [redacted]@o.school email and will respond to say she has seen your note or to actively engage in your process - as per your request. 

Process to receive feedback about a microaggression after you’ve been called in/out: 

  • We know that getting feedback like this can be difficult and stressful. We encourage you to:
    • Listen. Acknowledge and thank person for feedback. Acknowledge the other person’s feelings.
      • Do not defend or explain your actions at this time.
    • State your intention not to repeat the action that the person has brought up or that you will address your behavior.


Process to deal with bringing legal action or needing immediate response:

If you are considering or intending on bringing legal action against the company - or an offense has been committed that you would like serious, urgent action on - reach out to [redacted]@o.school. You will hear back from Andrea in 48 hours or less.


Process for addressing a microaggression or serious offense by the founder: 

If Andrea has committed a microaggression against you, feel free to reach out to Andrea directly to have a one-on-one if you feel comfortable, or email [redacted]@o.school and someone on our leadership team will take on mediating your complaint. In extreme cases only, if Andrea has committed a serious offense to you that you feel uncomfortable bringing up with someone in the company, you can reach out to a third-party advisor at [redacted]@o.school