MiA Li


Mia Li is an accomplished educator and YouTube star. Mia works with her students to unlearn ideas about orgasm and sex, using her characteristic sense of ease and engagement. She wants to help people become acquainted with the luscious variety of these important aspects of life. On O.school, Mia Li streams live workshops on "Orgasm Anarchy," how to get introduced to kink, unlearning stigmas, and queer sex.

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Demystify the Orgasm

Mia is a first-generation Filipinx originally from New York. Now deeply transplanted in California, she has firsthand experience of the stigmatization that surrounds gender and sexuality as well as the liberation that can be found once those two things are embraced. Bringing her extensive background as a sexuality edu-tainer, adult performer, and sex worker advocate to O.school, Mia wants to help you demystify the Orgasm.



Mia's best sex and relationship advice

"My best sex and relationship advice is externalize the internal. Communicating what's going on inside your head is super helpful because no one is a mind reader. Regardless of whether you're on your first date or hook up, or have been partners for years, giving people insight into your noggin helps open up so many doors to intimately connect"