Luna matatas


A vibrant pleasure educator and aspiring burlesque performer, Luna embraces the weird, wild and wonderful sexual kaleidoscope provided by kink and BDSM. Luna seeks to help students of all experience levels deconstruct their inner walls and approach their sexualities with playfulness, an open mind, and an empathetic spirit. Her workshops on body love, pleasure, and all things kinky are refreshingly funny, warm and inviting.

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Fuck like a Goddess.


Glitter loving pleasure pusher

As a self-identified pleasure pusher, Luna facilitates accessible, judgement-free and safe spaces for people to be curious about their fantasies, sex lives and bodies. She has over 10 years of experience internationally and locally in health and sexuality education. Luna also loves burlesque and sees it as a way to embrace and shimmy her way towards body love and acceptance. Having struggled with body image issues for many years, Luna's work is always done through a lens of body-positivity and self-acceptance. She celebrates femininity, sex-positivity, and all things that glitter!



Luna's favorite sex toy

Luna's favourite sexy toy is the Njoy Pure Wand. With it's double ended options for small or big pleasure, this toy has pleasure possibilities for both holes. It's heaviness from solid stainless steel makes it a good filler for pressure against G-spots and prostates alike. Luna loves the sleek curve of the wand and how it retains heat or cold for temperature play.