Who is o.school for?

O.school is for anyone who didn't receive the sex and pleasure education they deserved. We believe this education should be inclusive to everyone of all ages, sexual identities, gender identities, bodies, abilities, and sexual desires (or none at all). We believe that all people have the right to their own bodies, including sex and pleasure. We believe that sexual liberation comes in many forms for different people, and no form is better than another.


What’s the difference between sex education and pleasure education?

In some schools today, sex education focuses on basic biology and disease prevention, also known as safe sex. Some programs are abstinence-only. Some schools don’t offer anything at all. The uncomfortable reality is that most people learn about sex from pornography. Even if you are one of the lucky people who learned about basic anatomy, safe sex, and STD prevention in school — what about consent? Pleasure? Communication? What if you are LGBTQ+? What if you are disabled? What if you are a survivor of sexual assault or abuse? These are the areas we are focusing on at O.school, building technology to help the countless people in the world who are looking to have more pleasure, heal from shame, and explore new things. We love comprehensive sex ed, and we are not a replacement of it.


How can I get access to O.school?

Sign up for the waitlist to get notified when we launch and to gain access to one of our live streams for a taste of what's to come. 


Can you come to my campus?

Yes, check out our College Outreach page.


How do I become a Pleasure Professional at O.school?

We are so excited you are interested in being part of our community at O.school as a “Pleasure Professional,” which is what we call our coaches/instructors/experts. We’re building a platform for pleasure education where Pleasure Professionals like yourself can build a profile, help people, build a following, and earn more income. You will be supporting people who are trying to heal from shame and trauma, explore new things and own their desire. LGBTQ-inclusivity and trauma-informed culture are some of our values, and we’d love your help in creating the first safe and shame-free place to talk about pleasure online.  You'll find our application here.


I love this. How can I get involved with O.school?

Awesome. We’d love to have you help! Here are a few ways to get involved and support O.school. We’d love if you could send a link to a friend, post it, pin it, tweet it, help us spread the word.

If you are a sex educator, performer, coach, therapist, OB/GYN, please fill out the Instructor application.



Sexual and reproductive rights have been under attack in this country and around the world.

The new US administration's office has pushed forward harmful policies and a hateful rhetoric that directly threaten the lives of already vulnerable minorities, natives, immigrants, and women. We believe that not giving access to this information is harmful, and that unlearning shame, stigma and misinformation will empower people to find more pleasure in their lives. O.school is a form of resistance. Join us. Have more pleasure, power up, and defeat oppression with us.


How is orgasm* a powerful weapon?

  • Because asking for what we want and saying no to what we don’t want is a direct rebellion against the patriarchy, rape culture, and oppression.

  • Because most people learn about sex and pleasure from porn, which is largely made by and for cisgender heterosexual men.

  • Because educating women and gender diverse people is a form of revolution and changes society. We think this applies to pleasure education as well, perhaps even more so.

  • Because it’s ours, it always has been, and it’s time to set it free.

  • Most of all? Because pleasure is a powerful form of self-care, and where we can draw huge amounts of power, we can use it to fight injustice and change this country and the world.