Dalychia and Rafaella are the women to be reckoned with behind the name “Afrosexology”, a sex and pleasure education provider that seeks to help brown and black people lead their most pleasurable lives. At, Afrosexology focuses on helping students unlearn shame engendered by racist and sexist power structures while simultaneously reclaiming their bodies and their sexual power.

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Black Liberation through Sexual Pleasure


How can you have economic agency, political agency, social agency, if you don’t have agency over yourself?


Black, womyn, pleasure advocates

Afrosexology are Black, womyn, pleasure advocates, sex educators, social workers, activists, and creators who are passionate about empowering people to live their most pleasurable lives. On they hope to create a more sex-positive Black community through unlearning cultural shame.



Rafaella's best sex advice: "Masturbate! Take a lot of time to get to know your body, what it likes, at what pace, with how much pressure, in what position, and how often. Unpack all the shame and lies that told you that your sexual desires should be ignored and that your sexuality belongs to anyone but you."

Dalychia's favorite sex toy: "the We-Vibe Tango, it's such a great beginner clitoral stimulator. Also easy to travel with!"